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Want to know more about Eco Tours Chiang Mai?  Not sure how to book?  Find out in our FAQ’s.


The Eco Tours Chiang Mai team all live in the region and are passionate about the outdoors and the environment.  We have not only participated in all of the activities advertised, but work closely with each of our partners through participation of various community and green initiatives.

We’re committed to working with the safest, most ethical, environmentally aware and fun operators!  This doesn’t necessarily mean the activities are the cheapest around but in our opinion they’re the best.

Eco Tours Chiang Mai is an online marketplace for booking tours and special events in and around Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.  You can book your activity online, using our website and our reservations team will follow up to confirm the booking. 

We offer a number of carefully chosen memorable travel experiences.  You can choose from half day, full day and multi day tours from established tour operators in northern Thailand, all of which have been experienced first hand by the Eco Tours Chiang Mai team. 

We do not offer travel packages, car rental, flights or visa support. Accommodation may only be provided as part of multi-day activities.


When you fill in the booking form you’ll receive a summary of the tour details via email.  The reservations team will email you to confirm the booking and to request any additional information as required by the tour operator.  You can also contact us directly via email or whatsapp to confirm a reservation. 

Depending on the tour operators payment policy we may request a deposit or full payment at the time of booking, payable via all major credit cards through PayPal or bank transfer.  

A tour is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation via email from our team.

Certain tours do not allow private tours (elephant sanctuaries for example), private tours are possible for other activities such as Doi Inthanon trips, Chiang Rai and others.  Get in touch with us to enquire about private tours. 

The majority of tours require you to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.  A change of clothes and towel is recommended for certain tours.  Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, sunglasses and hat are recommended for the outdoor trips. 

There are a number of options for payment including bank transfer, credit card via PayPal and cash upon pick up.  Transfer fees are not included in the advertised price and will be added in the invoice. 


Generally yes, rain / hot conditions do not prohibit tours unless in extreme circumstances.  The dry season often brings with it higher levels of PM 2.5, whilst air is cleaner at altitude and in more remote areas we can discuss options should the PM level reach hazardous levels. 

A light rain jacket is recommended, however nothing too heavy duty.  Ponchos are readily available around the city and are a good option.  Sturdy trainers or hiking shoes are preferable and bare in mind leeches are prevelant in certain areas during the rainy season.  Whilst they’re not dangerous in any way if you’re squeamish you should consider the type of tour you’re doing. 

Sports tshirts come in handy for most activities and are a better option than cotton tshirts.  Board shorts will keep you comfortable or buy some loose trousers which are locally made and found all over the city.  If you’re participating in a cycling tour, clear glasses will prevent dust getting into your eyes. 

Sunspray, a waterproof bag, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, lightweight rain jacket, trainers or hiking shoes, travel towel, cap / hat, sports type tshirt.


Eco Tours Chiang Mai is your guide to Chiang Mai and northern Thailand, offering amazing experiences from companies who go a little further in their pursuit of a more sustainable future.